Contract #1 work completed since last update (10/2/19):

  • Installed precast roof planks and roof grout layer
  • Finished headworks building masonry
  • Staged screening & grit removal equipment in headworks building
  • Began pump and piping replacement work in activated sludge building
  • Pulled wires through conduit for transformer and ATS


Anticipated work in November:

  • Painting & metalwork (stairs, grating, railings, etc.)
  • Site piping continuations
  • Activated sludge building startup of south pumps
  • Electrical switchover (new transformer and ATS active)
  • Equipment installation in grit building


Contract #2 work completed since last update (10/2/19):

  • Completed installation of piping and valves
  • Set air compressor and installed compressed air piping to control valves
  • Coated wet well interior with epoxy
  • Installed new exterior electrical equipment
  • Electrical crew installs wiring for new automatic transfer switch, disconnect switch, and transformer


Anticipated work in November:

  • Install all remaining equipment at Grand Haven Pump Station
  • Paint remaining equipment and building interior
  • Perform startup of pump station and remove bypass pumps
  • Begin construction at Spring Lake Pump Station