Progress Report

This week:
  • Dykema has been working on lawn restoration and prepping driveways for concrete to be poured.
  • Dykema installed the new culverts under Brewer Avenue yesterday (Wednesday).
  • Dykema will abandon the temporary water main this week by filling it with flowable fill concrete.
  • Dykema’s concrete subcontractor (L&O Construction) will be on site tomorrow (Friday) to pour the concrete driveways.
Next week:
  • Paving is scheduled for Monday, November 8.
  • Dykema will work on completing lawn restoration and cleaning up their staging area.


What to Expect/Project Timeline

  • Road pavement restoration.
  • Driveway and lawn restoration will be completed in early November.
Spring 2022
  • Lawn restoration will be touched up as necessary next spring to ensure good grass growth