Milbocker (the contractor) has proposed and, both the City of Ferrysburg and the City of Grand Haven have agreed, to change the construction timeline and requirements to allow the contractor to remove and reconstruct the roadway in smaller sections starting this fall and continuing into December as weather allows. The reconstruction roadway will stay gravel this winter with the contractor maintaining the surface throughout the winter as road conditions warrant. This will produce a very small project savings, however, the project will be substantially completed by Memorial Day 2020! Having the project completed before the summer months was one of our original goals of the project and will significantly lessen the impact to the residents and businesses during the busy season. Just so everyone is understanding what substantially complete means, it means that all parts of the project have been installed and complete, however, work on restoration touch-up and warranty items will still continue for a couple weeks after the substantial completion. This work is normally completed without significant lane closures and completed with localized traffic control such as flagmen.

Milbocker is expected to start the road removal in late October and once suspended for the harsh winter months, return in early to mid-March. Base paving is scheduled to be completed in mid-April with final asphalt paving completed in early May.

As a warning, construction schedules always change so please be patient as the schedule continues to evolve, as evident with the start of the project and schedule below.

Construction Schedule