Water Service Charges

We have had several questions regarding potential water service charges when connecting to the public water system. Noted below are a few average costs. Please note that your exact costs will vary with your specific water use.

Water bills show two primary charges: Water Availability (pays for things like water tanks, water treatment, etc.) and Water Use (individual water use in a home). Water Availability for a residence is typically around $45 per quarter. Water use is charged at $0.66 per cubic meter of water (about 265 gallons). For an average residential user, that would be around $45 per quarter. So, a total bill for the average resident would be around $90 each quarter (every three months.)

Additional water uses could include watering a ½ acre lot with ½” of water, which costs around $10 per watering, or filling an average pool, which has around 20,000 gallons and costs around $50 to fill.