Last week:

Spence Brothers worked with several crews to complete the steps down to the kayak/fishing platform, as well as make considerable progress on the boardwalk railings. In addition, they placed much of the railing on the overlook at NMC.

Team Elmer’s dug out the abutments for the boardwalk, and also worked on filling earth and spreading topsoil around the stairs.


This Week:

This week should be a big week for progress. Team Elmer’s is pouring the concrete for the boardwalk abutments early, and by midweek should also be pouring the bridge abutments. With the bridge abutments in place, they plan to set the bridges in early May.

Team Elmer’s will likely also set the top blocks on the retaining walls near NMC.

Spence Brothers will continue to place railings on the boardwalk and the two overlooks, and will likely build the final sections of boardwalk at the south and north ends, tying into the newly completed abutments.