Here is an update on the new construction project on Main Street that is about to begin, as well as the pavement patches on Lake Street and Zellar Road. As you are likely aware, the Contractor, Kamminga & Roodvoets (K&R), began work on Lake Street on Monday by removing the deteriorated concrete intersections at the old RR Trestle (bike path) and Muskegon Avenue. The road is closed between Sophia Street and Misco Drive to through traffic. K&R initially closed Zellar Road on Monday morning with the idea of removing that section, but it was then decided to wait and do that section after Lake Street was removed; so that was reopened mid-day on Monday.

An update through Tuesday’s work:

The removals on Lake Street are complete and new road base (gravel) has been installed. The road will remain closed until the afternoon of Thursday, April 25.
No work is likely to take place on Lake Street on Wednesday, but the area is ready to receive asphalt which is currently scheduled for Thursday (mid-day).
Zellar Road will be closed first thing Wednesday morning and the pavement will be removed at the culvert just north of White Lake Drive. The base material and reinforcement will be installed Wednesday and prepped for new asphalt.
Zellar Road is currently scheduled to be paved on Thursday afternoon.
Lake Street and Zellar Road should be re-opened to traffic Thursday late afternoon.
If all goes well, Main Street will be closed on Friday only after Lake Street and Zellar Road are reopened. Main Street will be closed to through traffic until early July. Access to homes will be maintained.
Pavement on Main Street will be removed starting Friday so Sanitary sewer main can be installed. This is the green pipe that was delivered on Monday that is on the south side of the road now. Pipe will begin installation in the middle of the hill between Lake Street and King Street.
Pavement removals will progress through the day on Friday.