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Progress Report: Dykema Excavators has made good progress installing the new transmission main. The bore & jack under M-44 was completed and the transmission main pipe has been installed through the casing and connected on either end. The progress along Kuttshill Drive has been a little slower due to the tight working area.

Dykema is working with the Plainfield Water Department to fill the first section of new transmission main and pressure test the pipe to ensure there are no leaks. If you see water coming out of hydrants with no one around, do not be alarmed – this is a normal and part of the process. They will then disinfect the pipeline before opening the valve to the existing system.Upcoming Work: Dykema will continue to install the transmission main along Kuttshill Drive and should have this work completed by the end of next week. If the first section of main passes all of the testing, then the second section of main along Northland and Kuttshill will be pressure tested and disinfected. During the testing, Dykema will install water service stubs to houses that currently do not have a service stub along Kuttshill for future connection. Pending passing test results, the final tie-in to the existing transmission main near the pump station building will take place the week of May 13.