Progress Report

Last week:
  • Schippers completed water main installation in Bonneville Drive, Bonneville Court, and Mustang Court.
  • Rockhill Drive received the final top course of asphalt, lawn restoration was completed, and the road was opened to traffic.
  • Rockvalley Drive received the first base course of asphalt.
This week:
  • Schippers will complete water main installation on Metry Court and Brisam Street.
  • Schippers will start water main testing and disinfection on the newly installed water main north of Brisam Street.
  • Schippers will begin to install the small piece of water main at the northeast corner of Plainfield Avenue and 5 Mile Road.


What to Expect

  • Final top course paving on Rockvalley Drive.
  • Water main construction at the northeast corner of Plainfield Avenue and 5 Mile Road.
  • Water service construction on Bonneville Drive, north of Brisam Street, and court streets.
  • Road reconstruction north of Brisam Street.
Long Term
  • Schippers’ overall project schedule anticipates that the total project, including road paving and lawn restoration, will be complete in late summer. Schippers is currently on track to meet this schedule.


Important Information

There will be times that the area in front of your homes is torn up and you will have limited access to your home. Please let us know if you have any special access needs and we will do our best to make arrangements with you.

The contractor has set up a bank of temporary mailboxes on Brisam Street, west of Bonneville Drive. If you are within the construction area, your mail service has been temporarily relocated to here. The contractor is also coordinating with the trash haulers in the area to ensure that the trash is picked up during construction. Please bring your cans to the end of your driveway as you typically would, and the contractor will move them as necessary for pickup and return them at the end of the day.


Project Timeline

  • July
    • Water main construction at the northeast corner of Plainfield Ave. and 5 Mile Rd.
    • Final paving in Rockvalley Dr.
  • July – Late-September
    • Water Service construction on Bonneville Dr. and court