Progress Report

Last week:
  • Dykema completed water service installation on Elstner Avenue. All water services are available for private connection.
  • Dykema worked on road restoration and sprinkler/lawn restoration.
  • Private water service contractors installed the private portion of the new water services and connected them to homes in the project area.
This week:
  • Dykema is completing final water main tie-ins to existing water main.
  • Dykema will continue sprinkler and lawn restoration on Stoneridge Drive, 43 North neighborhood, 11 Mile Road, and Elstner Avenue.
  • Paving on 11 Mile Road and Elstner Avenue is scheduled for later this week.


Dykema will repair sprinkler systems and underground dog fences that were damaged during water main construction prior to completing the final lawn restoration.

If you have not already contacted a private water service contractor to install your water service into your house, you should do that as soon as possible to ensure that you can meet the 60-day connection requirement.


What to Expect

  • Water service stub installation along Elstner Avenue
  • Road reconstruction along 11 Mile Road and Elstner Avenue
Late July/Early August
  • Dykema will complete final lawn restoration and finish the project ahead of schedule.


Anticipated Project Timeline

  • July
    • Stoneridge Drive and Bent Tree Ridge restoration
    • 43 North restoration
    • 11 Mile Road restoration
  • July – August
    • Elstner Avenue restoration