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The water main, storm drainage, and roadway improvements are completed on 8th Street between Oakwood and Summit in Muskegon Heights. All roads are open to traffic as of this afternoon!

Highlights of this portion of the project include:

  • Over 2,150’ of new water main pipe installed
  • Over 2,400’ of new water service pipe installed to over 50 properties
  • Roughly 700’ of new storm sewer pipe installed
  • New concrete curb and gutter throughout the project on 8th Street between Summit and Oakwood and on Rotterdam between 8th & 9th Streets
  • New concrete approaches to driveways
  • Repaired numerous locations of broken sidewalk and replaced sidewalks where water services were replaced
  • Installed and upgraded all sidewalk crosswalk ramps to be compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Guidelines


Over the next week, the Contractor will retrieve all of the traffic control cones, barrels, signs, barricades and make sure all the roads are fully opened.  All the areas have been backfilled, topsoiled and seeded.  We know it is very dry and there is little to no rain in the foreseeable forecast.  Please help out by watering these areas to ensure the grass grows in before the weeds do and this will help prevent the soil from washing into the new storm drains.  The Contractor will likely continue to use the SE corner of Rotterdam and 8th Street for storing materials until the 7th Street project.

Thank you all for your patience and support on this project!  We will return in August to rebuild Seventh Street between Oakwood and Summit as well as Amsterdam between Highland and Sixth and Summit between Seventh and Sixth.  This work will go until November 2023.