As we deal with the national COVID-19 pandemic, I hope each and every one of you and your families are safe and continue to use caution while we traverse these unprecedented times.  We will recover and life will return to normal, hopefully sooner rather than later.  On a brighter note, we are moving forward towards a finished reconstruction project!

The engineer and city staff are in continual communication with Milbocker on the condition of the road. The lack of frost at the moment seems to be favorable to maintaining a good road condition. Let’s hope for a drier than normal spring which will help all those involved.

Milbocker is scheduled to return to the site on Monday, March 23.

Construction Schedule

Driveway Reconstruction

When the driveways are reconstructed with concrete, no traffic will be allowed on the driveways for up to seven (7) days.  Some driveways will remain asphalt, those will be paved when the road is re-paved.  The asphalt driveways will remain gravel in the interim.

Traffic Control

The site will begin to have lane closures and shoulder closures again.  These closures should be much less intrusive as they are working on the side of the road.  Please use caution as you traverse the construction site.


The current predictions are that Milbocker’s paving contractor, Michigan Paving, will be on site April 20th to begin paving operations. This, of course is very weather dependent.  I am hopeful with our current weather pattern that temperatures will be warm enough to get going!