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Progress Report: McCormick Sand continued with pavement removals on Ferry Street south to Taylor Avenue. McCormick Sand also replaced storm sewer on Ferry Street which was disturbed from water main construction. There was minimal water main progress made to the south due to encountering groundwater contaminated with vinyl chloride. Although the presence of vinyl chloride in the groundwater was anticipated, groundwater pumping and water main installation was halted until a groundwater treatment system can be mobilized on site.

Upcoming Work: McCormick Sand plans to mobilize a groundwater treatment system on site this week. The system will treat contaminated groundwater pumped from the ground to accommodate water main construction before discharging to the City storm water collection system. Once the treatment system is in place, McCormick Sand will continue water main construction to the south starting towards the end of the week.

Extra Notes: Residents and motorists are reminded to stay clear of construction equipment and excavations on the project site. As water main construction continues south, access to each property will be affected and will change with the progress of construction.