As you may already be aware, there are drainage issues with the asphalt paving that was completed late last year on Northville Drive and Leelanau Drive. There are also select asphalt driveways within the project limits that have quality issues with the top layer of asphalt. The roads currently do not meet the Kent County Road Commission and Township standards for a new road, and the drainage issues must be addressed to ensure that the road’s expected lifespan is not shortened. Plainfield Charter Township, the Kent County Road Commission, and Prein&Newhof have been working with K&R and their paving subcontractor, Black Gold, since the end of last year to develop a plan for addressing the issues. The solution is to mill the top layer of asphalt off and repave the entire road to ensure proper drainage and correct existing surface deficiencies. Select asphalt driveways will also have the top layer of asphalt removed and repaved to fix either a quality issue or a grade issue. There may be select concrete driveways which need to be removed and replaced after the road is repaved if a grade issue is present. The scope of this work will not be determined until after the roads have been repaved.

The anticipated schedule for completing this work is as follows:


The milling and paving work will cause delays during the day and will interrupt access to driveways for limited periods of time. We understand that this rework is inconvenient, and not desired by anyone. Your patience is appreciated as this necessary work is completed to ensure that the new road meets current standards.

Please contact any project representative if you have questions or concerns.