This Week

Work has continued on the 16th Street overlook, and they anticipate the deck will be completed this week. In addition, work will likely begin later this week on the kayak/fishing platform on Boardman Lake at the City property off of Lake Ridge Drive. Railings for these overlooks are currently in fabrication and will likely be ready for installation in December or January.

Topsoil has been spread and raked out for the section of the trail from the end of Phase I on the north end near Dendrinos Drive, all the way around NMC to Boardman Lake, where it will meet the boardwalk under construction. Elmer’s plan to have this area planted with grass seed and covered with mulch this week.

Due to slightly deeper water moving north across the lake with pile installation, Elmer’s is working on a mechanism to provide additional support for their swamp excavator with barges. They hope to have this ready this week so they can continue setting piles.


Next Week

Work will continue placing and proofing piles, as well as construction on the kayak/fishing platform. It is possible that work may start as early as next week constructing the boardwalk decking. This work will start at the south end at Logan’s Landing.