The City of North Muskegon will be reconstructing Bear Lake Road from Ruddiman Drive to Pennsylvania Avenue. This project will include replacement of the full roadway and miscellaneous water and storm sewer repairs. The project will further involve replacing all water services from the water main to the meter in the house.

This week, McCormick Sand will be moving equipment in, setting up traffic control and beginning the water service replacement work.

In order to complete this project in a timely matter, we will need your help and cooperation. Below is information regarding several topics that may be of concern.


Construction Schedule

The project is scheduled to begin the week of August 31, 2020. Work will generally be conducted between the hours of 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM from Monday through Friday, with possible work on Saturdays. The work will be completed by McCormick Sand of Twin Lakes, MI. For the safety of all residents and construction crews, we ask that residents stay out of the construction area during and after work hours and to be aware of construction equipment in the area.



The affected roads will be closed but will stay accessible to residents in the immediate construction area throughout the project, except for short periods of time when work is being completed in the intersections. Individual driveway access will be interrupted during periods of time for a few hours, but in all cases will be restored by the end of the workday.


Driveways and Restoration

Driveways that are disrupted during construction will be replaced at the same location, and equal in size and type to the existing drive.  Temporary driveway material will also be placed and maintained to provide access to residences during construction. Disturbed grass areas will be restored with topsoil, seed, fertilizer, and mulch.

If you have underground sprinklers installed along the road, please mark the heads and approximate locations of the pipe and if possible, remove the heads. The Contractor will attempt to avoid damaging irrigation systems however if they are damaged, they will repair them.



The Contractor will make the necessary arrangements with the postal service to assure uninterrupted mail delivery. You will be notified if your mailbox is relocated.


Garbage Pick-up

The Contractor will make the necessary arrangements with the appropriate waste management companies to assure uninterrupted garbage pickup. Please write your name and address on your garbage bin in a visible location to assist in returning your bin to the proper house.


Water Services

All of the water services within the project area will be replaced up to the meter. The City may be contacting you shortly regarding upcoming water service replacements. If you have not received information regarding water service replacement, please contact the City. Please read carefully the literature provided by the City for flushing your water pipes following construction.