Work this week consisted of finishing concrete work and paving of the first course of asphalt roadway. The project is nearing completion!


Work completed:

  • Concrete ramps and driveway approaches were completed.
  • Gravel was fine graded.
  • Mainline paving of the first course of asphalt was completed.
  • Asphalt Drive approaches were prepared for paving.


Anticipated work for next week:

  • Spreading topsoil and seeding.
  • Raise manhole covers.
  • Pave the top course of roadway and the drive approaches.


Paving of the roadway is very weather dependent, exact day of paving typically isn’t known until the day before. Contractor will notify you the day before if you will lose temporary access due to paving.  Asphalt pavement is typically ok to drive on by the end of the day.