Progress Report

Anlaan has made great progress since our last update. The section of the trail along Leonard Road has been graded out and the gravel base is placed. This section is almost ready for asphalt.

Work continues on the section of the trail through the woods behind Terra Verde as well. The retaining walls are complete. There are five boardwalks on the project, one is nearly complete and two are framed with work starting on the decking. They are starting on the piles for another boardwalk and should be starting the remaining one shortly.

For the north section of trail following the highway, then up 112th Avenue has been graded and graveled, getting ready for asphalt, and the section north to Cleveland Street to the North Bank Trail has been cleared, ready for gravel.


What To Expect This Week

Pavers are scheduled to work this Friday!  They plan to lay the base course of asphalt on Leonard Road from 120th Avenue to up to Terra Verde and from the northern boardwalk near the highway out to 112th Avenue. In addition the plan to pave the top course of asphalt on the trailhead parking lot this week.

The boardwalk crews are continuing work on the boardwalks, including more piles, structural members and decking.


What To Expect Next Week

Anlaan will continue work on the boardwalks, placing gravel north on 112th avenue up past the Fire Station, beginning restoration for the trail sections that have been paved and grading out the remaining sections of trail between boardwalk sections.


We’ve had a lot of interest in the path lately from bikers and others that follow along with these updates! Hope to see you all out on the completed path soon!