Work Completed this Past Week and Recently:

  • Nearly all concrete has been completed by the end of the day today
  • Base course of asphalt has been placed on the road by the end of the day today
  • Base gravel has been placed and compacted for the new bike path and it is prepared for asphalt
  • Areas outside the new concrete curb and gutter have been backfilled and top soil spread
  • Conduit placed for the new lighting


Work Anticipated Week of September 25, 2023

  • Base course of asphalt will be placed on the bike path
  • Manhole covers will be raised in the roadway for the final elevation of the road surface
  • Decorative concrete will be placed at the new crosswalk south of the railroad crossing
  • Work will continue for the conduit installation and bases for the new lighting
  • Backfill and restoration and additional topsoil will be placed


Work Anticipated Week of October 4, 2023

  • Additional work will be done to prepare for lighting installations including setting up for connections to electrical system
  • Preparations and survey for new sign at north end


Final paving will take place in late October, so the road will remain closed while contractors are in the corridor working on installing the new lighting.