Work Completed This Week

  • Martin J Concrete, Inc. completed installing the curb and gutter on the Jefferson Street/Merril Avenue ADA ramps, on Strong Avenue, and curb section on Fourth Street. This completed all concrete curb and gutter for the project. Martin J also poured sidewalk and driveways on Strong Avenue and Jefferson Street.
  • Jackson-Merkey Contractors, Inc. completed the installation of sanitary sewer on Strong Avenue, raised manhole castings on Strong and Jefferson, and completed preparing the sand sub-grade on Strong Avenue from Sanford Street to Peck Street.
  • Jackson-Merkey Contractors, Inc. has begun restoration efforts on the site.
  • Wadel Stabilization milled 2 inches of pavement on Third Street between Jefferson St and First Street.  Third street will be resurfaced in this area to connect the current project to the recent project completed on Third Street.

Anticipated Work Next Week

  • Jackson-Merkey Contractors, Inc. will complete aggregate base grading on Strong Avenue, complete mandrel testing, and continue to work on site cleanup and restoration.
  • Martin J Concrete, Inc. will complete all concrete work on site early this week. Remaining work includes driveways, sidewalk, and ADA ramps.
  • Asphalt Paving Inc. is planning on paving the remaining leveling course of asphalt on Strong Avenue late this week Thursday or Friday. There is a possibility that they will begin top course paving as well.

Current Road Closures

  • Strong Avenue from Fourth Street to Sanford Street.
  • Jefferson Street from Campus Street to Monroe Avenue.
  • Third Street from Mason Avenue to Jefferson Street.
  • Peck Street from Merrill Avenue to Morrall Avenue.