Here is a brief update for the Lakeshore Drive reconstruction work in the City of Muskegon:

Work that took place this week: The Contractor installed water services and drainage structures and placed gravel road base down to Addison. Water service preparations are also being done for the next phase of construction. It is a short week due to the Holiday and the contractor does not expect to work this Friday or Saturday after the Fourth of July.

Here is what to expect next week, the week of July 8, 2019:

All water services to the north will be completed
The final water main tie-in at McCracken will be tied in
A deep sanitary sewer manhole will be replaced near Laketon
Old water main will be removed
More work on completion of the drainage systems on the north side will be done
If your water service was recently replaced with this project, please remember to follow the flushing suggestions to remove any debris in the line. The flushing instructions are simply to flush all fixtures for roughly 30 minutes after removing the aerators in kitchen and bathroom sinks. If the water is cloudy, it is likely due to small air bubbles trapped in the water which is normal during construction. If you fill a clear glass (or pitcher) of water and let it sit for several minutes, the water should clear up.