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Water main construction is currently scheduled to begin in August pending water main material delivery. You should have received a letter in the mail from Plainfield Township about the upcoming construction project. A second letter will be mailed closer to the start of construction which will explain the steps you must take to connect your house to the municipal water system. This letter will include the list of prequalified general contractors you may choose from to do the work. If you have already been contacted by one of these contractors, you may begin to coordinate your service connection with them now but know that there will be time in August to coordinate this work.

Water main and water services in Algoma Avenue and 11 Mile Road are scheduled to be installed in the 2022 construction season. Currently, water main and water services on all private drives (Algoma Woods Drive, Point High Drive, Hidden Timbers Trail, Clearwater Court, Winding Ridge Trail, Oakwoods Trail, and Garden Gate Drive/Court) are scheduled to be installed in 2023. Homeowners on the private drives do not have to coordinate with a general contractor to install their water service until spring of 2023.