This Week:

We are in the home stretch! A lot of work has been completed in the last week! Elmer’s is continuing to work at Medalie Park and Logan’s Landing in preparation to pave the path, connecting the bridges. The aggregate base for the asphalt path is in place and topsoil is spread on the banks. They are pouring the concrete approaches at the bridges, as well as all the sidewalk in the park and along the parking lot. In addition all of the concrete pads for the rest areas will be poured. The parking lot has been stripped of the old asphalt and regarded in preparation for new pavement.


Next Week:

Work will continue at the Park, specifically for the donor plaza placing the paver blocks and starting landscaping. Paving will be soon, possibly as early as next week. Paving work remaining includes the first layer of HMA on the trail through Logan’s Landing and Medalie Park, and the second (top) layer of HMA from the boardwalk north around NMC.