Progress Report

On Monday, December 3, 2020, the Plainfield Charter Township Board of Trustees awarded the Area 7A water main construction contract to Dykema Excavating of Grand Rapids, MI.

This project is designed to extend the municipal water system and connect homes that have been affected by PFAS contamination. The project area is shown on the map.

You might ask: Why is Plainfield Township coordinating the construction project when I live in Algoma Township? The answer is that Algoma Township does not have a municipal water system, and Plainfield Township is extending its water system further into Algoma Township to supply Algoma residents affected by PFAS contamination. This project is a continuation of last year’s water main construction in the Wellington Ridge neighborhood.

For the duration of this construction project, we will provide regular updates that will inform you of what is happening presently and what you can expect to see coming up, including water main construction, traffic control, project safety, access to homes, etc.

Please contact a project representative if you have questions or concerns.


What to Expect

  • There will be times when the area in front of your home is torn up and you will have limited access to your home. Please let us know if you have any special access needs and we will do our best to make arrangements with you.
  • The contractor will be contacting you to make arrangements for mail delivery and garbage collection. Please let us know if you have any problems with these services.


Early April

  • You will not see construction activity for a few weeks yet as weight restrictions are still in effect on public roads. You may see more activity than normal though, including survey crews doing construction staking and utility companies marking the location of underground lines.
  • Dykema plans to commence construction when weight restrictions are lifted, and, once tree clearing is complete, have two (2) crews laying water main. One crew will start at Wolven and 10 Mile, working their way north up Wolven Avenue. The second crew plans to begin on Windstone Drive (Pvt.), then move to the other private roads off Wolven Avenue, working from 10 Mile Road to the north.


Long Term

  • As soon as the water main in one area is complete, tested, and ready for water service connections, Plainfield Township will communicate with you to start the process of installing water services on private property.
  • Dykema’s overall project schedule anticipates the total project, including road paving and lawn restoration, being complete in late August 2021.


Projected Timeline

  • April – mid-May
    • Windstone Drive
  • April – mid-June
    • Wolven Avenue; 10 Mile Road to 43 North entrance
  • mid-April – mid-June 
    • Stoneridge Drive
  • May – June
    • Bent Tree Ridge Drive
  • May – July
    • 43 North
  • mid-June – July 
    • 11 Mile Road
  • July – August
    • Elstner Drive


Please share this information with your neighbors who may not have email or access to the internet.

Thank you for your patience and we look forward to a successful project in your neighborhood!