Current Status/Progress Report

On March 28, 2022, the Plainfield Charter Township Board of Trustees awarded the water main construction contract to Montgomery Excavating LLC. of Ionia, MI. This project is designed to extend the municipal water system and connect homes that have been affected by PFAS contamination.

Prior to the water main being installed, trees within the public road rights-of-way and easements will be cleared as necessary. Montgomery will start water main construction in June, pending water main material delivery. The Montgomery contract will construct the water main along the road and short water service stubs toward each house. You will receive more information regarding how to connect your water service from the stub into your house at a later date.

Water main will be installed along the west side of Jewell Avenue and the north side of 11 Mile Road, Green Timbers Drive, and Offroad Drive. Water main will generally be installed on the inside of the loops in the Cottages on the Rogue neighborhood. There will be short periods of time when water main is being installed in front of your houses and your driveway will be inaccessible. Montgomery will work to restore driveways as soon as possible during the day and will ensure that all driveways are accessible by the end of the workday. Caution is advised while driving through the project area. For the safety of all residents and construction crews, we ask that residents stay out of the construction area at all times and be aware of construction equipment moving throughout the project area.


What to Expect


Tree clearing and water main construction to begin.

Long Term

Water main construction is anticipated to be completed in October 2022.