Over the last hour and over the next hour, the water pressure for all customers is being restored. There will be more water main work again tomorrow and Friday that will involve some planned shut downs for a few hours each. Tomorrow’s work should not involve any disruptions of service, but the work on Friday may and customers will be notified ahead of time. We do not expect the water main to fail again like it did today, but this is why we are replacing a 100+ year old water main.

You may experience discolored (rusty) water or air in the line where the water may spit or spurt coming out of a faucet. Best advice is to run the COLD water from a bathtub spigot or an outside water line. Be sure to turn on the valves slowly.

Reading the comments on social media has been fun, but to clear the air, the contractor did not accidentally damage the line. The 100+ year old water main came apart while the Contractor was trying to make a connection with the new water main. Everyone responded professionally and as quickly as possible. All valves had to be checked and then re-checked to isolate the break properly. The valve that shut down the line was near the break and there were difficulties accessing it when the water main broke. The contractor and the City DPW did an amazing job to get this under control, repair it, and restore the water pressure in a matter of just a few hours. Job well done in responding to an emergency.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding!