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Work Completed Last Week
  • 30-inch mainline storm sewer from Edinboro Street north to the 30-inch water main crossing near #840 Kinney. Catch basin leads were installed in the southbound lane between Hampton Lane and Marlboro Street.
  • Concrete improvements were installed including the GVSU Private Drive approach, curb repairs within the driveway, and the emergency spillway at the detention basin.
  • Road was built up to aggregate base in the southbound side of Kinney Avenue from the GVSU Private Drive north approximately 300 feet and the northbound side up to the mainline pipe crew near #840 Kinney.
  • The detention basin was restored with topsoil, seed, fertilizer, and mulch blanket after the riprap was installed.
Anticipated Work This Week
  • The 30-inch mainline storm sewer will continue north of the 30-inch water main crossing near #840 Kinney to Imperial Avenue.  The 30-inch water main crossing was skipped for now and the crossing will be completed at a later date (possibly next week).
  • Roadway will continue to be reconstructed back to aggregate base on the southbound lane from approximately 300 feet north of the GVSU Private Drive toward Edinboro Street.
  • Kent Power will continue installing gas services on the east side of Kinney Avenue using the horizontal directional drill installation method.
  • The GVSU Private Drive is scheduled to be paved (base course) on Thursday, May 30.
This week’s construction activities will be concentrated between #790 and #860 Kinney. Local traffic seeking to travel through this area should expect delays or seek an alternate route.