Let there be Light! Last night, the remainder of the street lights were energized and all of the new lights are functional. In this short week, the workers have been working very hard.  Many different trades have been busy on the site. As I type this, the last few yards of concrete are being placed at a few sidewalk ramps. Posts for new signage have been installed and the 4-Way Stop at McCracken is in place. Please make a note of it and be safe driving through that intersection. We recognize this is a change from generations of driving habits, but it is now the only stop between Barclay at Muskegon Catholic and Lake Michigan and is intended to slow traffic down in the business district. The remainder of the signs are being installed. More bricks were installed on the wall this week, trees and tree grates were installed in the central business district. Most or all of the top soil has been placed on the north side of the road as well as the south side of the road from McCracken to Torrent and from VanderLinde to Palmer. Irrigation system was completed in the central business district. Guardrail was replaced at Laketon and Lakeshore.

The workers are working hard right now to clean and sweep the road and sidewalk areas today and before they leave today, they will remove the barrels and cones from the roadway and sidewalks!

Here is what to expect the week of December 2, 2019. This work should be done with local lane closures in the immediate area of the work and should not require cones and barrels for the entire length of the job. However, safety of the workers is very important and lane closures may be necessary to keep the workers safe.  Please be careful driving through the worksite still.

  • The last of the trees will be planted
  • Any remaining topsoil and backfill will be placed
  • Hydroseeding will be completed on the topsoil with dormant seed.  Fertilizer and seed will be added in the spring
  • Furniture – Benches, Trash Receptacles and Bike Racks will be installed
  • Any signs not installed today will be installed
  • Traffic control signs will be removed

Work remaining that may not get completed next week is the cable and phone re-locations for the old utility pole at Torrent with some flags of concrete at Torrent and Mann near the utility poles.  This is intended to be complete this calendar year.

Work in the spring will include, but not be limited to:

  • Private irrigation repairs
  • Fencing installed near Parking Lots
  • Landscaping repairs and touchups
  • Punchlist work – Please let us know if you see anything out of sorts
  • Pavement markings