Contract #1 work completed since last update (9/5/19):

  • Process piping progress in valve/meter chamber
  • Headworks building masonry
  • 4-inch effluent water line
  • 20-inch force main

Anticipated work in October:

  • Wrap up headworks building masonry
  • Set precast concrete roof on headworks building
  • Painting & metalwork (stairs, grating, railings, etc.)

Contract #2 work completed since last update (9/5/19):

  • Began installing new electrical equipment
  • Existing piping removed and installation of new piping begun
  • Equipment pads, pump bases, and wet well infill concrete poured

Anticipated work in October:

  • Install new pumps, valves, monorails, and remaining piping, electrical, HVAC, and instrumentation equipment
  • Epoxy coat wet well interior
  • Paint equipment and building interior
  • Perform startup of pump station and remove bypass pumps