Contract #1 work completed since last update (7/31/19):

  • Headworks floor slab, grit channel walls, dumpster room concrete formed & poured with conduit and wall piping in place.
  • Segments of gravity main installed into local wet well
  • Conduit duct banks outside of Primary Sludge Building completed and cased in concrete
  • Local Pump Station wet well was epoxy coated.


Anticipated work in September:

  • Install process piping in valve chamber and meter chamber
  • Masonry walls for headworks building
  • Install site piping: 20-inch forcemain, 36-inch headworks effluent pipe, 4-inch effluent water line, underground odor control pipes
  • Small concrete pours: Sloped floor pours, 605′-10″ slab with odor control penetration, compressor pad, ATS/Transformer pad


Contract #2 work completed since project began (8/19/19):

  • Pump station bypass system set up and placed in service
  • Demolition of electrical equipment started
  • Wet well interior cleaned and prepared for epoxy coating