Dry Hydrant evaluations can lower rural homeowner insurance rates

Insurance companies base their homeowner insurance rates on a number of factors, one of which is your Fire Department’s ability to respond quickly and deliver enough water to douse a house fire. In most rural areas, water to fight fires comes from local streams or lakes. Tanker trucks fill up by connecting to a roadside ‘dry’ hydrant whose intake is submerged below the water surface.

One of the ways your local Fire Department can help you reduce your rates is to have a licensed engineer certify that its dry hydrants can supply a steady supply of water to fight fires, even in drought conditions. These evaluations are not costly, and Prein&Newhof has done them for a number of our Township clients.

Contact Jim Hegarty, PE if you think this may apply to you. He would be happy to discuss dry hydrant evaluations and certifications with your Fire Department.

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