Engineers Week: Happy Girl Day

Why do girls seem to shy away from engineering? They may not even know what it is until later in life!  Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day, a part of Engineers Week, is dedicated to combating this.

Our female engineers at Prein&Newhof do us proud every day:

JeskeAriana Jeske, P.E. is taking traffic safety by storm. She studies and speaks about pedestrian safety in traffic engineering, and how the paradigm needs to shift—and is already beginning to. Her areas of experience include roadway design, traffic engineering, hydraulic design, technical specification and contract document development, traffic control, pavement markings, parking area development, traffic impact assessments, maintenance design, and construction estimation.

MalekAmy Malek, P.E. has been designing the infrastructure of Michigan communities for more than 20 years.  Since joining Prein&Newhof in 1996, Amy has focused her energies on municipal engineering, including road improvements and extensions; design of related utilities and sidewalks, Sewer and water system extensions and pump stations, Stormwater studies and system planning, and Non-motorized trail planning and design.

MarczakBarbara Marczak, P.E. has 25 years of engineering experience and is known for environmental engineering, remediation, brownfields, monitoring, and wellhead protection. She has been involved with many projects involving groundwater, including hydrogeologic studies for municipal and private water supplies, treatment of drinking water, and remediation of contaminated groundwater. She has also assisted communities and industrial clients with the design of water distribution and wastewater collection systems.

Prein-CCatherine Prein, P.E.  has been with us for over 24 years and has served as project manager and project engineer on a variety of water, wastewater, and environmental consulting projects. Her utility projects have included: Design of water and wastewater treatment facilities, including SCADA systems and chemical systems;Design and upgrade/retrofit of pumping stations and lift stations for water and wastewater systems; Design of water storage tanks; and preparation of reports, feasibility studies, and permit applications for utility improvements.

Connie Houk, P.E. just joined Prein&Newhof after working for Wilcox Engineering in Cadillac, Michigan for over a decade. She was also previously employed by the Michigan Department of Transportation. Connie is an experienced road designer, who worked on both the statewide Pavement Management Evaluation and the Preliminary Engineering Phase of the Improve/Expand Program in MDOT’s Project Development section.

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