Gordon (Gordy) Bogner Retires After 50 Years of Service

Gordon Bogner, PE retired this November after working for 50 years in the airport engineering industry. After graduating from Michigan State University in 1969, with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Bogner began his airport engineering career with Bob Peckham at Peckham Engineering. He became a licensed Professional Engineer in 1976. In 1982, he partnered with Mike Borta, PE to form the engineering foundation for Whitworth-Borta, Inc. In 1997, Bogner formed his own company—Great Lakes Engineering. In 1999, he joined RW Armstrong and then in 2011, he became a co-owner at QoE Consulting with Mike Borta. At the beginning of 2019, with the sale of QoE Consulting, Bogner joined Prein&Newhof’s Airport Team.

Although Bogner represented several companies during his career, he always wore the same hat of stellar airport engineer and project manager. His focus has been first class civil engineering, which involves designing and constructing new airport pavements (runways, taxiways, aprons, hangar areas, parking lots, roadways), and reconstructing old, worn out pavements. He enjoyed the challenge of getting pavements, and the whole airport for that matter, to drain properly, while working within the FAA established grade criteria. Over five decades, Bogner has worked at more than 70 airports in Michigan and about a dozen in Ohio. Chances are, if an airport has been around during these 50 years, he has had a hand in its development.

Thank you Gordy for your many years of service to the airport industry and for your contributions to Prein&Newhof.

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