Grant Advisory from Jason Washler

I met yesterday with three members of EPA Region 5 to review the Lake Street project in Whitehall, and I learned the following:

  1. Over half the projects that received money during the first round of funding were in EPA Areas of Concern (AOC).  80% of the projects that received money during the second round of funding were NOT in EPA Areas of Concern.
  2. For projects to be considered for funding there must be a 9-Element Watershed Plan in place.  See a list of those currently in place.
  3. The EPA is pretty confident that when the GLRI sunsets in 2014 it will be renewed.

What does this mean for you?
Grant money is available to do watershed improvements. Lake Street in Whitehall is a good example of what can be done with this money. Developing a winning grant application will not be easy. I recommend starting early and having someone do the writing that speaks EPA’s language (or at least ask them to help you improve it).

See this link for a copy of the 2012 request for applications and the focus areas for 2012.  Focus Area 3 would be the appropriate category for stormwater BMP’s.

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