Great Lakes Fishery Trust Accepting Grant Proposals

The Great Lakes Fishery Trust (GLFT) is accepting applications for its “Ecosystem Health and Sustainable Fish Populations” program and for its “Great Lakes Stewardship” program. The submission deadline is Tuesday, January 19, 2016 and you must apply online via the GLFT website.

Ecosystem Health and Sustainable Fish Populations Grants fund projects that manage or respond to changes in the fishery and ecosystem, combat invasive species, and increase awareness of the impacts of invasive species.

Great Lakes Stewardship Grants fund projects that promote environmental stewardship, offer solutions to Great Lakes issues, and provide access to education programs and resources. For more information go to the GLFT Policy on Great Lakes Stewardship Proposals.

The City of Big Rapids’ Riverwalk, a trail connecting downtown Big Rapids with Northend Riverside Park that provides fishing access to the Muskegon River, received funding from the Great Lakes Fishery Trust. To see other projects that have received funding from GLFT, visit

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