Lyons completes downtown project

Using a $670,000 MEDC Downtown Infrastructure Grant, the Village of Lyons (Ionia County) re-paved, beautified, improved drainage, and added parking to serve its downtown area.

The Village had parallel storm sewer systems running on both sides of Bridge Street, one of which was a 6-inch clay sewer that dated from the Work Progress Administration circa the 1930s. That particular section of storm sewer was in poor shape, which led to a lot of sand and soil being pulled into the storm system and discharged directly to the Grand River. Plus, parallel systems mean twice the maintenance. Prein&Newhof’s new design simplified the system into one main trunk sewer and eliminated the 1930s sewer and the soil problems, improving water quality. Permeable pavers catch runoff and allow it to infiltrate and filter before it gets to the storm system and discharges to the Grand River.

The local farmer’s market parking lot improvements included grading for better drainage and paving the lot. Landscaping features included tinted exposed aggregate, planter beds, street trees and grates. The design also included 2 blocks of new sidewalk.

All this was done in 3 months of construction, for a final cost of $650,000.

Permeable Paver
Reconstructed street with bumpout.

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