Michigan Blue Economy – We’re Powered by Water

The Michigan Economic Center and GVSU Annis Water Research Institute recently launched Michigan Blue Economy (michiganblueeconomy.org), a report about how water has already powered Michigan’s economy and how it can provide new economic opportunities through business innovations, a global water education/research center, and by recognizing the value of our Great Lakes and the resources and beauty they provide.

We particularly like the Blue Business page – not only because Prein&Newhof is mentioned (see a taste below) but because various businesses and innovations are brought together to show what is already happening in Michigan’s blue economy.

P&N’s leadership is [confident in] Michigan’s potential to grow a Blue Economy – noting Michigan borders the most abundant and cleanest source of fresh water in the United States. . . From an economic standpoint, water soon will be the “new” oil, and it will be Michigan’s No. 1 economic development advantage – attracting businesses to relocate here – so long as it’s used sustainably.

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