Muir kids raise money for bridge replacement

You don’t need to tell the Village of Muir residents to “quit slackin’ and make it happen.” They need a new bridge over the Twin Rivers for safety, convenience, and economic reasons, and nothing is stopping them from making it happen.

The current bridge is over 100 years old, yet is a vital link to health and safety services for the residents. Alternate routes add 7-10 miles to a traveler’s trip.

The project has a $3.5 million price tag. Muir received $2.85 million as a Federal Grant, and is working to raise the other funds through grant programs ($200,000), other stakeholders and surrounding communities ($200,000), and the Village of Muir and Friends of the Bridge ($250,000).

Fundraising efforts have included jelly bean sales, bake sales, lotteries, and most recently, lemonade sales.

‘Just doin’ it for the cause’: Muir kids raise money for bridge replacement.

We love watching communities work together to improve their own facilities. Involving kids lets them learn at an early age how important it is to invest in sound infrastructure.

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