P&N client saves $100,000/year in energy costs

PARCC clean water plant

NKSAEEPick010815PARCC Side CWP blower design named Consumers Energy’s Large Commercial Project of the Year

The North Kent Sewer Authority’s PARCC Side Clean Water Plant recently received Consumers Energy’s Large Commercial Project of the Year Award for energy savings. Prein&Newhof designed a blower replacement for its aeration system, using a Sulzer ABS Turbocompressor. PARCC Side expects the new blowers to reduce power usage by 1.5 Million kilo-watt hours annually and lower its yearly energy bill by nearly $100,000.

Project Manager Mark Prein, PE explained “We saw an energy-saving opportunity after an industry left the system, lowering daily flows to the plant. By using slightly smaller blowers and new blower technology, the plant is more efficient and versatile. The new blowers adjust better to wastewater flows, and use less energy.”

It met Consumers’ award criteria for a project that provided energy savings; was innovative and repeatable; and used new technology. In addition to a $105,000 rebate check (50% of the project cost) to help fund the project, the NKSA received a $15,000 honorarium for this award.

NKSA says this project will pay for itself in one year from the energy savings!

Read more about this project or Consumers’ program.

Visit the NKSA website at http://www.nksa.us/

Consumer’s Energy’s Press Release.

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