Comstock Park Downtown Development Authority

Community Plaza Improvements

Project Description

The Comstock Park DDA Board wanted to improve two properties on West River Drive to create a gateway into downtown Comstock Park. The DDA hired Prein&Newhof for design, bidding assistance, and construction engineering and observation services. Prein&Newhof met with the board several times and created a conceptual sketch of the proposed property improvements, which was approved in 2016.

The site was riddled with Japanese Knotweed, an invasive species. This plant grows strong, deep root systems that damage structures like concrete foundations, paving, roads, and retaining walls. Removing the plant is not simple: the roots must be killed, and are very difficult to dig up. The plants must be disposed of in a very specific method. Prein&Newhof’s landscape architect oversaw the removal of the plant and all its roots.


Kevin Gritters, PE
Project Manager