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Street Utilities Management

Project Description

GIS-based Mobile App helps manage Street Lights

“There’s an App for that!” How many times have you heard that phrase? In this digital age, the convenience of having information readily available can’t be overstated. The City of Norton Shores turned to Prein&Newhof to simplify its street light utility management process, and the result is a more efficient and user–friendly system.

In the past, City field personnel would tie orange ribbons around faulty or broken street lights. Then they would verbally communicate the issue to City office staff, who documented and shared it with the electric provider. This process delayed both problem identification and response.

Prein&Newhof created a GPS data collection template specific to the City of Norton Shores’ street light utility needs. After a brief GPS training session, City staff began collecting field inventory including the size of each street light, the nearest address to each utility, and a photo of each.

Prein&Newhof processed the GPS data and compiled a GIS database totaling 2,000 street lights. The data was then loaded into Esri’s ArcGIS Online giving City staff the ability to update the status of each light from a smart phone or tablet via Esri’s Collector App, or in the office through a desktop browser.

This solution allows real-time communication between City personnel, and can generate a report at any time for the electric provider to inform them of relevant street light issues.



Ed Dempsey
Project Manager
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