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Drinking Water

Drinking Water Engineering

Providing clean drinking water on demand to every corner of your community is challenging, but essential for public health.

So where do you begin? With a good source. We can help you identify the best possible options for your community based on water quality, your location, and the size of your service area.

We provide big-picture drinking water solutions that address emerging challenges that threaten your system and fit your community’s needs with a vision for the future.
Learn more about addressing PFAS and lead in your community’s drinking water.

Over the last 50 years, we have designed and improved many water systems—large and small, public and private. We know them from start to finish, and we understand how the pieces fit together.

Our services include:

  • Pumping Station
  • Storage Tanks
  • Surface Water Intakes
  • System Studies/Modeling
  • Transmission & Distribution Mains
  • Treatment Plants
  • Water Testing
  • Wells & Hydrogeology
  • Wellhead Protection

If it’s time to take another look at your water quality or distribution system, contact us for information on water testing services.


Mark Prein, PE
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