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Grants and Loans

Grants and Loans: Funding Your Projects

There are many ways to fund a project, and grants and loans are two great options.

You know the improvements your community needs and wants–if only you had the money to fund them. You may even know of a program that’s relevant, but are struggling with how to come up with the money needed for the required match? We have helped many other community leaders who have faced this same challenge. Then there is all of the required paperwork; we can help you with that too.

We are proud to offer you our Prein&Newhof 2021 Grants & Loans Guide of state and federal programs that are intended to fund community improvements in Michigan.

The Guide includes:

  • Facts and contact information for more than 20 funding programs
  • Grant-winning tips
  • Examples of creatively-funded projects
  • Municipal financing options

In addition to our Grants & Loans Guide, we post new funding opportunities as they become available and reminders for funding application deadlines on our blog.

It’s not always possible to finance a project solely through grant and loan programs. If you are wondering if it’s time to raise your utility rates, we can help you evaluate your projected fees and your systems’ operating needs to determine if additional user investment is necessary.



Sue Borgeson