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Roads & Streets

Road and Street Engineering

Private streets, local and county roads, and Michigan highways are so important to our quality of life. Prein&Newhof works with various entities to design new roads, streets, highways, and bridges, and to repair or replace failing ones.

We recognize that water system improvement projects impact your roads and streets. We want to look at your stormwater, wastewater, and drinking water systems’ needs before installing a new or replacement surface on top of it. We don’t want a new road or street dug up to fix underground utilities that could have been repaired when the road was under construction.

Having your community’s support makes all the difference. Keeping residents informed before and during construction is so important. That’s why we created an online tool for your Project Manager to share construction updates with the public.

We manage projects from start to finish—planning, design, surveying, permitting, and construction observing. Your project may also benefit from our experience with funding, floodplain and wetland permitting and easement and right-of-way acquisition.

If you need help making your next transportation project possible, contact us.


Jason Washler, PE
(616) 364-8491