City of Ludington

Harbor View Marina

Project Description

Ludington and P&N convert a desolate brownfield into a beautiful marina that sparks development throughout the city.

Ludington retained P&N to plan and design a new marina on a vacant brownfield site. This development, characterized as a “facelift to the waterfront,” has been an economic boon to Ludington. It is connected to the Ludington Municipal Marina and to Waterfront Park by walkways, providing a beautiful and popular recreational area for citizens and tourists. The additional slips allow for more visitors, and the marina’s proximity to downtown Ludington has increased downtown business and development.

The basin at Harbor View Marina is 750 feet long and 600 feet wide. It has slips for 160 boats, a 50-ton boat lift, and side ties for boats up to 100 feet long. Amenities at the marina include a 7,500-square-foot club house, a swimming pool, a gas/diesel fuel and sanitary pump out station, a fish cleaning station, and picnic areas with gas grills.

Prior to re-development, the site had been contaminated by previous uses. P&N tested the soils and created a remediation plan that mixed high-lead soils with clean soils until the lead dropped to a safe level. This allowed the soils to be distributed to fill sites, saving over $200,000 in landfill costs.

The marina faces wave pressure from both wind-driven waves and waves generated by the SS Badger passenger liner. To ensure the marina wall would be sufficient, the P&N team performed a Wave Attenuation Study. Using the data, the team designed a marina entrance that uses rip rap and concrete retaining walls to resist wave forces and diminish wave heights, while providing aesthetic value.

During construction, the anchors for an existing deep-water freight dock had to be removed. The P&N team also designed a new marina wall to provide anchorage for the old dock, removing its anchors sequentially during construction.


Matt Hulst, PE
Project Manager


1999 Quality of Life Award, American Society of Civil Engineers, Michigan Section