City of Hart

State Street Reconstruction

Project Description

City of Hart rebuilds the portion of State Street that crosses Hart Lake while re-surfacing the bridge over Hart Lake and providing the residents on the north end of Hart with a new public drinking water source.

Before State Street’s reconstruction, residents walked on the road to get from downtown Hart across the State Street ‘causeway’ to the residential area to the north. This project added a sidewalk along the east side of the road, allowing safe passage for the numerous people who walk there daily. Walking traffic has increased dramatically since State Street re-opened.

The residential neighborhood on the north end of this project had quality issues with its drinking water. The City of Hart served the neighborhood with a small well and distribution system. Hart chlorinated the well and distribution system numerous times, trying to control iron bacteria. Ultimately, the healthy iron bacteria colony in the aquifer still created taste and odor issues. Hart decided to connect its north side to the rest of the water system and eliminate the north side well. Hart now has one fewer water system to operate, and without the plague of iron deposits, the north side residents’ appliances will need less maintenance and last longer.

This project included several unique design features: Previous pavement in parking lanes (near Veterans Park and the senior housing) and a bio-swale vegetated with native plantings. Both methods of stormwater management clean and cool water before it recharges the groundwater on its way to Hart Lake. A snowmelt system under the public sidewalk adjacent to the new senior center will ensure no icy conditions and increase safety.

Hart added decorative LED lights along State Street and removed the existing overhead lighting and electrical wires, further extending its downtown’s theme. The City’s project prompted its neighbor to the north, Hart Township, to reconstruct State Street beginning at the north limit of Hart’s project and continuing north to BR–31 at the same time. This road section includes a widened shoulder, allowing State Street bicycle traffic or walkers to continue further along the route safely.


Amy Malek, PE
Project Manager


Hart received an MDOT Rural Task Force grant to re-build State Street from Main Street north to the City Limit. Shortly thereafter, they secured an MDOT bridge grant to resurface and replace the joint in a bridge in the middle of the project. MDOT allowed Hart to combine the two grants into a single project to save costs.


Quality of Life, 2015, American Society of Civil Engineers