Montague Township

Well 6 Development & Hydrogeological Study

Project Description

New community well provides safe drinking water supply so two communities can thrive.

When groundwater in an area of Montague Township become contaminated due to historical chemical production, the Muskegon County Health Department and the MDNRE prohibited the installation of new private wells.

Montague Township asked the City of Montague to extend water service to this area. Because the City was nearing its capacity, it retained P&N to identify potential well locations.

P&N conducted extensive hydrogeological exploration and water testing to find a site, and then completed a hydrogeological study on the chosen site. P&N also designed the new well system, including a 16-inch production well, a well house, and 3,900 feet of water main to connect Well 6 with the existing Montague system.

The well is equipped with a natural-gas-fired generator for back-up power, and variable frequency drive (VFD) pumps. Well 6 is the largest well in the system, capable of producing 800 gallons of water per minute. Well 6 also pumps from a different aquifer than Montague’s existing wells, which improves system reliability and allows water to flow in either direction through most of the system.


Barbara Marczak, PE
Project Manager