Sanilac County

Worth Township New Sanitary Sewer System

Project Description

Worth Township needed to create a sewer system to replace the septic system that was leaking sewage into Lake Huron. Worth Township hired Prein&Newhof to design a $23 million project to keep sewage from leaking septic systems out of Lake Huron.

Worth Township bought 72 acres for a new wastewater lagoon system. They chose lined lagoons over a traditional wastewater treatment plant, reducing the project cost from $32 million to $23 million. Sewage flows into the first lagoon where solids will settle, then be pumped into the second lagoon for final treatment. A permit from MDEGLE allows them to release treated water twice a year into a local creek.

Worth Township’s sewer district also includes 11 pump stations.


Mark Prein, PE
Senior Project Manager


Prein&Newhof helped them get a $20.2 million loan from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and $3.7 million in MDEQ grants to pay for the project. The USDA-RD loan carries a 2.125% interest rate over a 40-year term, and users will pay the cost to own and maintain the system and retire the debt.