P&N’s Scott Post designing new trail crossing M-66 in Ionia

At its March 4 meeting, Ionia’s City Council approved a resolution to apply for grant funding to construct Phase II of the Fred Meijer Grand River Valley Rail Trail. This phase of the project is approximately two miles of 10′ wide shared-use pathway in the heart of the City and includes a remarkable non-motorized bridge over M-66.

We featured Phase I of this project, the 8.5 miles of pathway from Saranac to Ionia in our video!

Phase II will connect with the proposed CIS Trail at the east edge of the City of Ionia at Prairie Creek, providing non-motorized access along the former Grand Trunk Railroad all the way from Saranac to Owosso.

“I’ve never seen a project advance this fast,” Post said. “It’s an impressive project and a joy to work on. It’s more and more fascinating, and more and more a community treasure.”

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