Emergency Road Replacement, Allegan and Ottawa Counties

Intercounty Drain Board (Allegan & Ottawa Counties)

On a stormy day in June, 2009, a dam within the Ottogan Intercounty Drain burst, washing out a section of Ottogan Street and damaging a culvert.

The Intercounty Drainage Board (comprised of Allegan and Ottawa Counties) wanted the obliterated road to be operational again by fall. P&N was retained to study the situation and design a replacement for the culvert and road.

P&N focused not a quick fix, but a long-term solution: hydraulic analysis of the Intercounty drain, review of flood elevations as it affected adjacent homes, culvert sizing, road design, and permit applications. The designed culvert was included 72 feet of 112” x 72” Arch CMP with articulating block.

P&N was able to obtain a joint emergency construction permit for the culvert replacement at this site and the dam reconstruction, which was designed by another consultant. The P&N team completed the project on time by working successfully with several stakeholders, including the Michigan Dept. of Agricutlure, Ottawa County Drain Commission, Allegan County Drain Commission, Ottawa County Road Commission, and City of Holland.


Project Manager Ken Bosma, PE, 616-394-0200 •  Hydraulics Specialist Tom Smith, PE, 616-3364-8491

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