Cannon Trail

Cannon Township

Grant-funded trail connects residents with nature while respecting the environment.

Cannon Township worked with P&N to create a 4-mile trail linking the Cannon Township Center with Kent County’s Townsend Park. Great forethought went into choosing a trail route that included woodlands, wetlands, connectivity and accessibility. The result is a trail that is very peaceful, respectful of the environment, and widely used.

Local leaders, citizens, and engineers walked the entire trail route several times before design began so that an appropriate route could be marked that would preserve mature trees and provide the best overall trail user experience.

The P&N team routed the Cannon Trail through meadows, woodlands, pine forests, and wetlands. This required 20,000 ft of paved trail, 900 feet of elevated wooden boardwalks over two wetlands, 13,000 square feet of segmental block retaining walls, and a bridge over Armstrong Creek.

The project was funded by a recreational millage and a $500,000 grant from the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund. One resident was so thrilled with the new trail that she donated $20,000 for additional trail amenities as the Township’s trail system grows. The construction was completed for almost $25,000 under its bid cost of $1.17 million.

“The Cannon Trail is one of the best things that has happened to our community. When all around us there is so much loss of natural habitat, the trail is a much-needed oasis. And they’ve done a fabulous job on it! As I often say to my friends, ‘The minute I step onto the trail, I leave all my cares behind.’ I love it.”
                       – Keasha Palmer, Resident


2008 Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Honorable Mention Award, American Society of Civil Engineers (Michigan Section)


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